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past participle bothered. /ˈbɒðəd/. /ˈbɑːðərd/. -ing form bothering. /ˈbɒðərɪŋ/. /ˈbɑːðərɪŋ/. Idioms.

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When I was leaving the college, I asked   Meaning of "bother". bother •. v. 1.

As a personal growth expert, she has a lot to say about why we should bother, how to discover our next steps Finding Meaning in 2021 With Carew Papritz. Apr 27, 2015 - What is the definition of arboreal? What is the meaning of arboreal?

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Part of speech: Verb. Definition in English: take the trouble to do something  Bother Meaning in Urdu is زحمت - Zehmat Urdu Meaning. The most accurate translation of Bother, Zehmat in English to Urdu dictionary with Definition Synonyms  Meaning of bother, Definition of Word bother in Almaany Online Dictionary, searched domain is category, in the dictionary of English Arabic.

Bother meaning

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Bother meaning

Bother means trouble or difficulty. You can also use bother to refer to an activity which causes this, especially when you would prefer not to do it or get involved with it.

1 no object, with negative Take the trouble to do something. ‘scientists rarely bother with such niceties’.
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bother to do [sth] v expr verbal expression: Phrase with special meaning functioning as verb--for example, "put their heads together," "come to an end." (make an effort) يكلف نفسه عناء شيء bother - find the meaning, anagrams and hook words with bother and much more. Meaning of snake biting your brother on the left leg in the dream. If you see a snake bite your brother on the left leg, it means there is a close friend or family member who is about to launch an attack of betrayal. Many translated example sentences containing "bother" – Spanish-English dictionary and search engine for Spanish translations. Meaning of "bother" bother •.

Definition of tycks It can also mean 'Seems to' Burken tycks innehålla It's because they're lazy and didn't bother to say the whole sentence,  Meanings of "خون کسی را در شیشه کردن".
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trouble or difficulty that has been caused by small problems and that usually only continues for a short time SYN trouble It’s an old … bother. name for a group of 8 to 30 freshman walking together on campus, i.e.

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Nouns + of frequently used before bother bit informal , lot , spot informal Paul had a bit of bother with his car boot , which wouldn’t open . BOTHER Meaning: "to bewilder, confuse;" 1745 as "give trouble to," probably from Anglo-Irish pother, because its… See definitions of bother. Translation for 'bother' in the free English-Italian dictionary and many other Italian translations. 2021-04-17 · Bother definition: If you do not bother to do something or if you do not bother with it, you do not do it, | Meaning, pronunciation, translations and examples bother: To cause to be irritated, especially by repeated acts; trouble or annoy: synonym : annoy .

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bother synonyms, bother pronunciation, bother translation, English dictionary definition of bother. v. both·ered , both·er·ing , both·ers v. tr. 1 bother verb (MAKE AN EFFORT) B2 [ I or T ] to make the effort to do something: [ + to infinitive ] He hasn't even bothered to write.

Here are 15 possible meanings. trouble. More meanings for besvära. trouble verb. bekymra, oroa, genera, oroa sig, besvära sig · bother verb  Meanings of "خون کسی را در شیشه کردن".